Additional monetization for your game in under 10 minutes

Integrate AdInMo’s lightweight SDK and unobtrusively monetize 100% of game playtime.

Monetize with AdInMo

No Coding Required

Basic integration requires only a few minutes, allowing your development team to focus on game features.

Earn More Revenue

The AdInMo SDK allows developers to increase revenue without change to game flow or player experience. Works alongside existing ad monetization SDKs.

Gamer & Developer Friendly

75% of gamers prefer AdInMo in-game ads over interstitial or rewarded videos. The AdInMo SDK is optimized and results in no impact on your game’s performance.

No Clickthrough

AdInMo display ads do not require users to click out of your game.

All platforms and game genres

The AdInMo SDK supports everything from 2D puzzle games to immersive VR and AR experiences.

Success Stories

TInyBit Studios

Athang Games

Hgames Artworks

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