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Scale & Reach

AdInMo offers the world’s largest in-game inventory across all game genres including Casual, Action, Puzzle, Arcade, Fashion, Sports, AR & VR, and more.

AdInMo enables brands to access an incredibly broad demographic at scale and allows them to target audiences using programmatic technologies, while tracking viewability and brand interaction metrics in real-time. 

Using AdInMo, brand messages are no longer an interruption – they are part of the game!

AdInMo In-Game Advertising

Captivating Brand Experiences

Connect with consumers in the games they love. Your brand message is no longer an interruption – it’s part of the game!

IAB Standards Compliant

AdInMo ads use IAB standard ad sizes and formats. Rapidly create, launch, and track campaigns using your existing creative.

4x Higher Brand Recall

AdInMo in-game ads engage hard to reach audiences in their favorite games, and are proven to outperform traditional interstitial or banner ads.

Programmatic and Direct Campaigns

Manage campaigns through the AdInMo dashboard or programmatically through your preferred exchange or DSP, with support for Deal ID and OpenRTB. 

Success Stories

Wake Drinks

Parade Media

Brand Safety, Viewability & Anti-Fraud

Working with advertising standards bodies including IAB and TAG Verified, AdInMo places a priority on ensuring advertiser brand campaigns are viewable, measurable, and adhere to existing brand policies. View our Brand Safety Policy.

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