About AdInMo

Engaged Customers. Uninterrupted gameplay.

AdInMo’s founding team includes backgrounds from digital entertainment, videogames, and adtech. We love games and we love the power of advertising, but we believe that the current ecosystem of interruptive and interstitial ads in games is broken for all stakeholders: game players, advertisers, and game developers.

We are passionate about delivering ads in a way that enhances the experience of gaming rather than diminishing it. We founded AdInMo because we have created a better way to meaningfully connect brands to audiences, and a better way to monetize games with advertising.

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Our Offices

Main Office - Edinburgh, Scotland

125 Princes Street, Fifth Floor
Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 4AD

New York, USA

110 Fifth Ave, Fifth Floor
New York, New York 10011


Kharkiv, Ukraine

8th Floor, Myronosytska Str. 72
Kharkiv, Ukraine 61102 


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