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Game Developers

No coding required

Basic AdInMo integration is a simple Unity® texture replacement. Integration takes ten minutes, allowing your development team to focus on game development.

Extra revenue without changing your game design

The AdInMo SDK allows developers to generate revenue and earn the highest eCPMs, without change to game flow or player experience.


Captivating experiences

AdInMo’s in-game advertising platform matches the power of advertising with the reach and audience of video gaming, by seamlessly integrating non-intrusive display ads into gameplay.

Reach and engage premium audiences

In-game awareness campaigns that influence consumer behavior and affinity to drive offline actions. AdInMo’s advanced customer personas and targeting deliver 4x higher brand recall rates. Track viewability and brand interaction metrics through AdInMo’s real-time reporting systems. 

“Everything is super cool and simple. Literally took 7 minutes to make it work!”

Denis Balon – CEO, Kids Party

“AdInMo have proven that when audiences are playing games, we have their undivided attention for our brand message.”

Matthew Ashcroft – CEO, Parade Media

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